As their name suggests Kingston Mail & Print  will rent you a mailbox, ship your packages and make copies for you.
But, the shop, located near Albertson's at George's Corner can does more than that.
A lot more.
Need an article of clothing embroidered with your name or company logo? They do it right on site--and they don't charge a setup fee like some businesses.
Need something printed on t-shirts? They do both dye sublimation and vinyl.
Want to do a t-shirt as a fund-raiser for your church or nonprofit? No need to print up a bunch and hope they're in the right sizes and colors. KM&P will handle the fulfillment for you--take the order, invoice it, print the t-shirt, ship it and then send you a check for your share of the profits. No work for you. No inventory to store. No surpluses (who knew nobody would want the size  XXXX in puce?) Best of all, no financial risk on your part.
What about getting that family photo printed on a pot holder (very popular), coffee cup, or coaster? They do that, too.
And the amazing thing is that they do all that right in the store.
To learn more, visit their website,