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Not Afraid of Friday the 13th

9:30 a.m., July 13 2018--Wearing full protective gear against the possibility of a deadly electrical flash, electrician Shawn White carefully tested to be sure no current was getting to the 480 Volt transformer on the ferry docking barge.

White said he wasn't afraid of working on the 13th. "My first child was born on Saturday the 13th and my second one on Friday the 13th. It's my lucky day."

White, an employee of Bainbridge Island Electric, was disconnecting all of the utility- and shore-power lines from the ferry barge in preparation for Foss Maritime's arrival next week to tow the barge to its dry dock in Seattle for a complete overhaul. The renovation is expected to take about two months.

Shawn White checks there is no power getting to the ferry barge transformer prior to disconnecting it,. Port Photo