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Tick-tock, Mock clock

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Aug. 23 2018--Today, Port of Kingston Executive Director, Jim Pivarnik, met with master clock restorationist George Pease and contractor Rick Lanning to determine where to locate the historic Kingston clock in The Port of Kingston Kiwanis Park once it's restored.The clock's faces will be visible from both the car ferry parking lot and the historic downtown Kingston village.

The clock was once located near the car ferry terminal and had not functioned for years, WSDOT officials told the Port. Besides a new electronic clock mechanism the restored timepiece will sport a coat of dark-green Charleston green paint and gold leaf.

Pease and hopes to install the renovated clock in the park later this year, depending on the arrival of new clock mechanisms.

"What pleases me most about this project," Pivarnik said,"is that all of this wonderful restoration work is being by incredibly talented LOCAL people. We have amazing talent here in the Kingston area."

Master clock restorationist George Pease holds a mock-up of the clock that he and contractor Rick Lanning at right used to determine the height and location of the Historic KIngston Clock when it goes in the Port of Kingston Kiwanis Park after Labor Day.