Beth Anne Galloway wants to be your tailor, too.


By her own account, Beth Anne Galloway was sewing beads and sequins on strippers' G-strings when she was five. Years later she was sewing costumes for Bob Mackie as Cher's tailor. 


In between, she learned to sew when she was eleven and flunked sewing class in high school when she was 16 for sewing whole outfits when the teacher wanted  pot holders.


After graduating from high school at 17, she briefly attended Bauder Fashion College, but said she quit when she realized she knew as much about sewing as the instructors. From there, her services were in demand at Marineland, and theaters in San Diego, La Jolla, and Arizona. 

Then Bob Mackie saw her work and invited her to come help dress Cher. "I'm the woman who made Cher look like a man," she laughed.

Twenty-two years ago, she moved to Washington and, in 2010, came to Kingston.

Chances are, you can't name a theatre or opera in the Seattle area that hasn't called on her talents or items from her extensive costume collection at one time or another.

Galloway recently moved her shop, 'All About Sewing' into Suite 201 above the crepe shop in downtown Kingston. To make an appointment, you contact her at 360-731-9973 or  ladyannegirls@yahoo.com.

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